Friday, May 17, 2013

Our Mini-Cation to San Antonio: The Conclusion!

I didn't have this in mind to be a three part post, but with the amount of pictures I took while away, it quickly turned into that! 

After the zoo the other day, I didn't want the fun to end on such a sour note, so we made one more stop in Brackenridge Park: the Japanese Tea Gardens! I've always driven by here en route to the zoo (it's directly next door), and always wanted to go, so go we went! I'm so glad we did - it was so insanely beautiful!!

All in all, San Antonio is a fun place to be for 24-48 hours, though I still have no desire to live there :) After we wrapped things up at the hotel and checked out after D's lunch meetings, we headed back home to Austin, where all three (four, actually) of our hearts live. So happy to be home!

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