Monday, May 13, 2013

Our Mini-Cation to San Antonio: Day 1!

Last week, we headed to San Antonio for an overnight stay while David was doing some interviewing and meetings for his graduate program. Ava and I busied ourselves being tourists and enjoying some mommy-daughter time, and it was awesome. There were some mishaps - pouring rain and hail the morning we woke up to go to the zoo, that thankfully passed during breakfast and didn't ruin our day being amongst them - but, all in all, it was a great trip! 

Our first afternoon and evening, we spent time on the Riverwalk chowing down on Chinese and Haagen Daaz (Ava loves their sorbet and it's dairy-free friendly!), and took a tour of the Dinosaur Quest museum inside of the Rivercentre Mall. D's dinner took longer than our plans, so then we hopped onto a riverboat for a tour of the Riverwalk and downtown San Antonio- Ava loved the boats!

Sad to say, Ava didn't love the Dinosaur Quest. She liked it decent enough, but it was both dark and loud, and rather small, and she was bored easily and a wee bit scared. Luckily, that left us time to hit the boats and grab dessert before heading back to our room at the Hotel Valencia to meet daddy!

Pretty joyful look, right? Somebody loves being on the water!

Our delicious dessert:
Unfortunately, the baby still doesn't like ice cream :( Oops.

More to come on our trip to San Antonio later this week!

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