Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Ava has so much personality, and lately, she's said some really awesome things. Here's just a smattering of them:

- Ava, when waking up: "Mommy, I love you more than my birthday. And more than Santa!" Those are some pretty powerful words, coming from a three-year-old who talks of nothing else other than her birthday and Christmas!

- Ava to my husband when he told her I was going to be gone for a few hours: "I hope she is putting on makeup. And getting a haircut!"  Ouch, A. Ouch.

- The other morning, Ava asked when we could go to Disney World. When asked where she heard about Disney World, she matter-of-factly stated, "Netflix." HA! What?!

Ava: "Who built the whole world?"
Me: "God."
Ava: "Well, someone should tell him he did a bad job on this bumpy road!"

Ava was dozing off driving home, so I quickly told her how much I loved her - I like it to be the last thing she hears.
Me: "I love you so much, A."
A: "I love you more-er."
Me: "I love you more than all the clouds in the sky..."
A: "Everything I see, I love you more-er than that."

Ava just put her two Princess figurines in her shoes and called it their "house". Then, she voiced their opinions about it:
Snow White: "It smells AWFUL!"
Ariel: "OMGosh did something die?" 

A: "Can I have my Toy Story tattoo?"
Me: "No, honey, not today, because the baby shower is tomorrow and we don't want to wear it at the baby shower."
A: "But you wear your tattoo everyday?"
Uh oh.

Me: "I love you, Ava."
A: "And I love this banana!"

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