Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Snow Day!

...psych. We're not getting any real snow around here.

Being Texans, there's a premium on snow. It's basically taken on the same mythical quality as Unicorns and the Loch Ness monster. That's why, each December, some of the local malls and outdoor arenas host "snow days", where they literally haul in tons of snow from, well, who knows where? Where's the closest place that has snow to spare? Oklahoma?

Anywho, we decided to go out to the Hill Country Galleria this past weekend to check it all out and show the kids some snow. Ava saw snow when she was 14 months old - which is, oddly enough, how old Jack is today - but she doesn't remember it, so this was the first time seeing snow in both of their memories! Their faces definitely showed the wonder of it all:

Unfortunately, their excitement was short-lived. It was jam-packed in the teeny tiny area, and people were throwing snowballs with the type of reckless abandon that one can only feel when exposed to a fleeting, temporary snow. Ava got pegged in the head by one rogue snowball, and the novelty wore off. That's my girl. Jack, in typical fashion, was less than impressed. Wet? Cold? Slippery? No way, Jose. 

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