Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thanksgiving and the Houston Zoo.

Last Wednesday night, we loaded the kids into the car in their jammies, and made the 3+ hour drive to my in-laws house for Thanksgiving. Though I don't love driving at night usually, it's ideal with the kiddos, since they sleep the entire time and then are still ready to doze until morning when we arrive. 

For Thanksgiving, it was just the four of us and my in-laws, since my brother-in-law and his girlfriend had other plans/to work, but it ended up being really nice. Though their holiday traditions are different than my own family's, I've spent enough Thanksgivings with them to be used to them and feel at home there as well. I'm thankful for any family within driving distance :) As someone who loves to eat and whose sole purpose is to grow and put on weight, Jack really appreciated and made the most of Thanksgiving! 

We were able to do most of our Black Friday type of shopping online this year, so aside from a bit of frenzy Thanksgiving morning when Best Buy's site repeatedly crashed, it was smooth sailing. Since we weren't rushing from store to store, we opted to take the hour drive into Houston to visit the zoo in Hermann Park, and I was so glad we did. It was Jack's second trip to a zoo (he's also been to Cameron Park Zoo), but it was the first time he'd been where he was big enough to explore on his own. He loves animals, and though he can be a skittish compared with Ava, he loved checking it all out and taking it all in!

I got a Canon for Christmas thanks to Best Buy's Black Friday package deal, so my mother-in-law let me test drive hers while at the zoo to see how it works. I'm still really fuzzy on how they operate, but I got a few decent shots!

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