Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Big Chill: Hawaiian Falls Annual Ice Dump!

Summer is in full swing, and so what better day for Hawaiian Falls to commence with their annual ice dump than on our first triple-digit day so far in 2015!

Having visited Hawaiian Falls a few weeks back for the first time, it left quite an impression on both the kids and me, and we just couldn't wait to get back! Knowing what was in store and how I'd want to split my time between riding the slides with Ava and splashing in the lazy river and splash pools with Jack, I arranged to have my husband in tow this time, too, so that he could join in on the fun!

Our morning was pretty jam-packed, so we didn't arrive at the park until after lunch, but just in time to be a part of the annual ice dump! The wave pool in the park is amongst the favorite attractions, accommodating guests of all ages and allowing them to experience waves while either standing/swimming, or floating in one of the tubes provided by the park. This was the site of the ice dump - an annual event mid-summer where the staff, armed with wheelbarrows full of ice (an actual ton - 2,000 lbs - to be exact), rallies the crowd to cheer on the dumping of ice to cool off the water. With temperatures in the 100's this week, the dropping water temperature was a welcome experience!

Once the ice dump was finished, the racing waterslide looming in the background was too tempting for Ava and David to resist another second, so off they went, while Jack and I headed over to the lazy river to be, well, lazy :)

Though my first visit to Hawaiian Falls was an absolute blast, I will admit that this visit was even better, having a second set of adult hands to help with the kids! Ava is such a daredevil at heart, and wanted to ride all of the waterslides that she was tall enough to, and so having David able to do that with her or stay with Jack so that I could go down some with her was awesome! I really enjoyed the Maui Wowee slides today - something I wasn't able to do the last time! I think Ava rode each of the three of them this time!

Though we were only able to spend a few hours in the park today, it was time well spent! We are already making plans to go back!

You can find out more about Hawaiian Falls, their locations, and some of their upcoming events, including Parents Day this Sunday, July 26, here.

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