Friday, July 31, 2015

Things to Do (Near) Austin: Hyatt Lost Pines.

Y'all. This is likely my new favorite staycation getaway spot! I'd been to Hyatt Lost Pines once before, years before, but just for the day to hang out with some friends who were visiting the area. This time, my in-laws booked a two-night stay there, and so naturally we joined them for all of the fun!

One of the biggest draws at Hyatt Lost Pines is the lazy river and recreational water areas (pools, splash pads, etc!), which is really the extent of what we did the first time I went. Sure enough, that was one of the kid's favorite parts. Even Jack, who is notoriously unimpressed with most everything, really, really enjoyed himself. Apparently, chill-out mode is Jack's favorite mode. Who knew?

Another great thing that Lost Pines offers is arts and crafts periods for the kids, usually twice a day. We took advantage of two of these craft offerings while there, and Ava made both an awesome backpack, and the kids made some great Father's Day gifts. Two birds, one stone, amiright?

...not to mention, the animals. My kids are both major animal lovers, so the variety of animals we got to see/ride/enjoy was fantastic!

 Yes, I did almost fall off that first Longhorn. Oops. 

One of the things that I had never seen before but immediately knew I would love and just had to ride were the baby-seat bikes (no, that's clearly not the official name. Anyone know what these seats are called?). So. Awesome.

The hayrides at sunset weren't too bad, either ;) And their signature s'mores? YES PLEASE.

But the best part of all? The amazing memories we made as a family this Father's Day weekend, and especially those that Ava is making with her grandma and grandpa. Sure, Jack adores them too, but she's at an age where these memories will stay with her for a lifetime! I can't wait to go back for one last hoorah before school starts!

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