Sunday, February 13, 2011

Change is Good.

Five years ago (less, to be honest), you couldn't have paid me to stay home on a Saturday night. In fact, while we're being honest, chances are you could've found me out and about four or five nights a week. I was a wild child, y'all.

Tonight, though, as I poured my glass of wine and settled in to work on my business site (which was just updated, so you should go check it out and tell me your thoughts!), I thought of how things had changed. And while some changes aren't welcomed (like the new fence we had to commission once our former fence blew over last week), these changes? They most definitely are.

Tonight, my baby fell asleep in my arms, and her little locks of hair curled up as she sweat against my body. David kept telling me to go lay her down, but I just wanted to hold her and breathe her in while she's still little. Time, it is a-passin'.

Drinks and dancing into the wee morning hours? Fun while it lasts? But the sweet smell of your own baby and the sound of her teeny tiny snores last such a short time, and leave you wishing for them long after they're gone. I don't know many who grow up to say that about the bars and partying and debauchery of their youth, do you?

With that, I'm off to go snuggle my baby while I fall asleep, and to dream dreams made blissful by the sight I'll wake up to in the morning: my two favorite people, highly caffeinated coffee brewing and filling the house with the sweet smells of vanilla creme and hazelnut, and a day filled with little aside from the hope and possibility that only a new day with nothing on the agenda can bring.


  1. Cuddle her lots! I know people say this all the time but it's true!

  2. Five years is a long time! I was single, and had no intention of settling down any time soon...and yet here I am, domesticated! lol Enjoy the cuddling!

  3. My life is so different.

    I have NOTHING in common with my old BFFs anymore. They're still living at home and partying it up.

    But let's quote Sugarland here...'Wouldn't trade a day for all those Friday nights...'. So effing true.

    And, ugh. Time is flying by.

    Confession: I cried on The Cute's 2nd birthday eve. She fell asleep in my arms on the couch and I couldn't bring myself to bring her to bed because she was almost 2 and how did this happen.

    WHO am I?!

  4. I want that... I love that... to have your sweet little child snuggling all up on you ... and there is NO smell that even compares to the smell of your babe.... I still party from time to time but it's definitely few & in between these days... I miss my babe when I'm out now :) different times.. beautiful times.


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