Thursday, February 10, 2011

Nursing-isms, Part II.

Now that Ava's older, her nursing behaviors are changing, but still so, SO cute. For example:

-It's been cold here in Austin lately, and so Ava has taken to sticking the hand that's not wrapped around my back in the top of my shirt to keep it warm. Adorable.

-I can't tell if she's just hungry, or if since she's been nursing a bit more (her appetite for solid food has been down since her teeth are coming in and she's not feeling much like eating), the milk isn't coming in fast enough, but lately A has taken to smooshing her face into me and emitting a low "grrrrrrrrrr" over and over until the milk really starts to flow. Ahhhh precious!

-Not as cute? The other day Ava was getting frustrated, and grabbed me so hard that she got a nice spray of milk right in the eyeball. Haha! That's what you get, little lady!

What cute things are your still-nursing babies doing?


  1. Ha! Anne got the milk-squirt-in-the-eye recently, too! Soo funny!

    The things Anne is doing are not so cute ...

    - Trying (and sometimes succeeding) to pull my shirt up in public, or sticking her arm down the front of my shirt, saying, "Ba-ba! Ba-ba!" (That's her word for milk, or bottle, or booby--not sure which.)

    - Biting! I think she must be filing her teeth down to sharp points during the day when I'm not around. She did it a few times when she first got teeth, but now she's doing it more often. Ouch!

    - This is kind of cute: Her main position for nursing lately is to lie on her stomach (on my lap), propped up on her elbows.

    - When I have her in a "normal" nursing position, she sometimes likes to reach up and gently stroke my face while she's nursing. It's the sweetest thing ever.

    Glad to know I'm not the only one still nursing after a year! :-)

  2. I'm only nursing Jack at night now (sniff sniff), but he's gotten the milk in the eye as well! He still puts his hand down my shirt while nursing and he likes to grab and pull at my bra. He still loves to nurse and gets all excited when it's time! Probably the sweetest thing ever is what he does now- we read our books before bed each night. After we're done I tell him I love him and that it's time to go night night. He looks at me and gives me a kiss, then points to the light (because we have to turn it off), then we nurse. It's the best! I'm going to be so sad when it's over!

  3. lol, so cute! The little quirks they do when nursing, I love it!
    Well my baby is not so much a baby anymore. He just turned 2 and I'm in the process of weaning.
    He puts his little hand on my belly and just pats it.
    I will miss these times!


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