Tuesday, March 22, 2011

And The Hits Just Keep On Coming...

I so envisioned my next post - aka this one - being the one where I announced our house was free of the plague. Wrong again.

If you came here today, though, looking for a little anecdote that will make your most embarrassing moment pale in comparison, THAT I can give you.

Yesterday, I went back to work. For about forty-five minutes. Then, I started hurling my guts up and had to leave for the doctor instead. Normally when I have a stomach bug I skip the doc, knowing there's nothing they can do, but I needed something, ANYTHING, at this point to help, so in I went. This ended up being both essential and horribly embarrassing.

Essential in that the doc gave me Phenergan and managed to halt my vomiting. Thank you, God and Dr. R.

Embarrassing in that he wanted a stool culture. In case those words aren't enough to send you running, I then had to go to the lab to get the "collection kit" to take home, and - while the nurse was explaining how to use it to me - I threw up ALL. OVER. HER.

Today has been much of the same, minus the vomiting. Although, I'm still not quite sure we're in the clear on that :(

When will it end? Seriously, I want nothing more than to just go back to my normal life. I'd love to vacuum right now. Do a load of laundry. Make a menial trip to HEB. All the day to day crap I normally hate is calling my name after spending days trying not to hurl while watching the craptastic greatness that is Everwood.

Maybe tomorrow...


  1. I am so so sorry! We got hit with the stomach bug over Christmas and it was horrible. Hoping you feel much better tomorrow.

  2. Oh no, bless your heart. I'm sure the nurse completely understood - it couldn't have been her first time! Feel better soon!!

  3. Oh no! Poor thing! I hope you start feeling better soon! xo


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