Monday, March 28, 2011

The Post Where I Admit I've Been Letting Things Slip.

Don't worry. No need to call CPS or anything. But with the serious sickies having struck the household, I haven't necessarily gotten my energy back just yet, leaving us cutting some corners. One such example: fast food.

Yep. We've been eating some fast food. And while that isn't the worst thing ever, I've also been letting Ava try her hand with some french fries, and she LOVES them. So much so, that the other day we stopped by Sonic, and this was the scene from the backseat as the scent of flash fried potatoes filled the car:

Mommy, mommy, please please please!

Happy as a Happy Meal:

So cute!


  1. Ha ha - no judgment here! I let Asher have a piece of an Oreo the other day and his eyes lit up and he couldn't sign "more" fast enough. Now every time we go near the cupboard he points it at, signs "please" and give me the puppy-dog eyes. Oy vay. How can we resist?!

  2. LOL. No judgement here either, I've given in to the french fry frenzies myself a few times. :-) Ava is too cute for words. Really hope you all feel better soon!

  3. Love the face! Yep...miss P is a French fry lover, as well! I don't blame her. Her momma loves them too!


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