Friday, March 18, 2011

Sick :(

Ava has been so sick, y'all. SO sick.

It all started Wednesday. Well, actually, if we're being honest, it started last Friday, when S - one of the girls I nanny for - was hospitalized for dehydration from constant vomiting. I was hoping that when A didn't develop symptoms over the weekend, that we were all clear. WRONG.

So, back to Weds. I had the day off, as the D's wanted to take some time off during the girls' spring break in order to spend time with them. D had taken Weds, Thursday and today off to go to SXSW, but didn't have any concrete plans for Weds, so we headed down to San Marcos to do a bit of shopping at the outlets. I needed a dress for an upcoming wedding, and he needed new dress shoes, not to mention this futon needs to go like, five years ago, and so we were pseudo couch shopping. All was going well, until we realized it was getting a bit late and we still hadn't had lunch. We were surprised Ava wasn't complaining, but she kept refusing snacks and didn't eat much at lunch, so we wrapped it up and went back to shopping. It was on the drive back to park and finish up our shopping that I heard this horrid, loud noise, and knew immediately that A had thrown up.

It was basically the worst thing ever. She threw up all over herself, her car seat and the car, and to make matters worse, since it was her first time throwing up adult-style (for lack of a better description), just looked on confused and horrified, completely unable to figure out what had just happened. We were thinking she'd ate something funny, but her and I had eaten off the same plate, and I was feeling fine. Hoping the worst was over, we got her cleaned up just in time for her to hose her new outfit in vomit. Bleh.

Since we were almost an hour from home, we piled in the car, saying some prayers and calling the pediatrician. The ped preemptively called in a prescription for an anti-nausea, worried she'd get as dehydrated as S and end up in the hospital for an IV. What he didn't mention, however, was that it was a suppository. Kill me now. Poor Ava.

Long(er) story short, you haven't had the full parenting experience until you've been simultaneously vomited and shat on. She's had some horrid diarrhea, and vomited about fifteen times. We were minutes away from heading to the ER because she went six hours without a wet diaper, but she peed while we were on the nurse line with Dell Children's. Thank you God.

She's getting better now, definitely on the up and up, but man it's been a ROUGH 48 hours.

Thank GOD I still am breastfeeding, as the only thing she was able to keep down between Weds afternoon and this evening was breastmilk, believe it or not. I guess it's true what they say about it being the easiest to digest, best thing for them. I've never been so thankful for my breasts in my entire life!


  1. Oh goodness poor baby! And poor momma! I hate when kiddos are vomiting. I totally know what you mean about the vomiting and crapping. Cameron did that at about 19 months. I am glad A is starting to be on the mend, and that she didn't get too dehydrated. YAY for breastmilk! I love that ;)

  2. I'm so sorry you all are going through this. I can't even imagine! Jack did throw up in his car seat and it's not pretty, but thankfully it was just once and he was completely fine. I really hope Ava's doing better now. That's awesome about the breastfeeding! And I know you must feel good that through her pain and suffering, you're at least able to provide her some comfort and nourishment that way. Way to go!! :)

  3. There is nothing good about a sick baby... or a sick Mommy. I feel for you guys, I can't even imagine having this happen!!!! POOR AVA! And yes, poor Momma. :'( I hope Ava feels better soon.. I am so behind on this I'm sure she's already better!!!! I did see you were not feeling the best yourself... so I hope you are better yourself !!!


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