Thursday, March 31, 2011

Babysitter Anxiety.

I know I've mentioned it a time or two, but David and I have yet to go on a date since Ava was born. Not even joking, people. Pathetic, eh? While most people have family nearby, we do not, and we'd prefer to leave her with family initially, or at least David would.

Anyhow, the time has come for us to venture out on our own. One of David's best friends from as far back as elementary school is getting married this weekend, and he's a part of the wedding party, so not only will we be attending the wedding Saturday night, but we'll be out for the rehearsal dinner Friday night, and - lo and behold - no babies :(

Enter David's parents.

They're great folks. They are. But...whereas my family is on the young side, his runs the opposite spectrum, with both of them being 60-ish. Ava is a raging ball of energy. A bundle of uncontainable excitement. You get the idea. How on Earth are they going to handle my strong-willed, perpetually moving toddler?

His dad is absent-minded. You can tell him to close the baby gate 100 times, and there'll still be a need for 101. And also, A sleeps in our bed. How are they - the boobless, don't-smell-like-mommy-and-daddy grandparents going to get her to sleep?! Gah! I'm dreading this.

It's not anxiety about her, really. If it was during the day, she'd be fine. She's a happy little one. It's the fact that we're leaving her for the first time AND it'll be at night, and we'll be gone for six plus hours each time...ugh.

Any tips? Reassurance?

AND...on a completely unrelated note, can I wear this dress to the wedding, or is black tacky?


  1. The dress is gorgeous - I'd just double check that the bridesmaids aren't wearing anything similar (no, it doesn't look like a bridesmaid's dress - I've just been seeing a lot of cocktail attire on them).

    Reassurance: My sister kept my son (1 yr) for over 5 hours last weekend. It was his first "real" babysitting gig and he was fine. We do keep him up later than most babies, I think, because he wakes up at 5:30am on the dot if he goes to sleep before 10pm.

  2. I hated having to leave the kids with my family for a wedding. It was in my hometown, and we usually stay at my grandparents, which is minimally babyproofed, even tho my parents and sister were there to help. They were 19 months! But as a bridesmaid I had to go to the rehearsal, leaving my hubs to mainly get them ready for bed before meeting me for the rehearsal dinner. Then the next day I had to meet the bride at her hotel around 2pm for moral support and to get ready, leaving hubs again for the majority of the afternoon. And THEN he had to leave to meet us at the actual wedding, leaving dinner and bed time in the hands of my parents and sister (at my g-parents' house). Needless to say when we got home, my sister bowed to us and said she was not worthy after chasing them around all evening.

    It was stressful, but we made it through. It would have been easier if I could have had a drink, but I was pregnant! Can't help you on the sleeping in the big bed or breastfeeding. But you know what? They'll all be fine. What time is the wedding over? Maybe she can just stay up a little later and she'll konk out with g-ma and g-pa. Good luck!

  3. First off, LOVE the dress! Second, Ava will be just fine. She associates sleeping in your bed and breastfeeding with YOU. So with you not being there, not doing those things might not be as tough as you think. I understand though since I have yet to leave Jack with anyone other than his daycare provider (R). 2 Saturdays ago I was selling some stuff at a local flea market. It was a long day and not a good place to have Jack and luckily I was able to drop him off with R. She's the only one who has watched him and I'm terrified to leave him with anyone else, especially at night. Like you, my family isn't nearby and it's hard! I would love to have a little me time without having to take off work. But this is how it is (and at least I have the option with work).

    I think Ava is going to be fine and she might even surprise you. As for the grandparents, if they're offering to watch her, then hopefully that means they know what they're getting themselves into! Good luck and try to have fun and not worry! :)


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