Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Things to Do in Austin: Laguna Gloria

We continued our Austin adventures last week, stopping by Laguna Gloria after a massive swim fail at Westwood Country Club across the street (I'm pretty sure people cheered when I gave up and carried my tantrum-throwing toddler out!). Not wanting the entire afternoon to be a bust, we crossed the street to explore the ground of Austin Museum of Art's Laguna Gloria - a gorgeous historical landmark, makeshift art museum and event venue on Lake Austin!

I've been on the grounds a handful of times to pick up kiddos from the art camps there, but never inside the home or down through the grounds to see the sculptures, so I figured it was high time. Also? David and I were married just next door at Mayfield Park, so that entire area holds a special place in my heart <3

Check out some of the wonderful photo opps:

Two of my favorite pieces inside of the museum:

Once we'd had our fill inside, we followed the stairs down towards the lake to check out the many sculptures on the path. Pardon our outfits - we'd just been swimming and didn't have a change of clothes :)

Interested in more fun family-friendly adventures in the Lone Star state? Link up to Texas Tuesdays!

Texas Tuesday

Also? Enter to win tickets to the Austin leg of the LEGO KidsFest tour, coming August 31st-September 2nd here.


  1. Wish we lived closer to enjoy your fun places!!

  2. Im seriously jealous of all your fun outings! I very rarely leave the house now days. I'm a tad terrified...


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