Monday, March 29, 2010


Do your babies display any odd/adorable/somewhat obnoxious nursing behaviors? I can't be the only one, right?

I had mentioned before that Ava likes to pound her fists on my chest sometimes while eating. It's not painful, but still she's pretty forceful with those little fists for a wee little baby! I'm not sure if it's just her newfound love of her hands, or if she's needing more milk or what, but it's strange just the same.

Nowadays Ava is also popping on and off frequently while nursing. From what I know, this is because she's just more interested in the world around her than she was when she was younger, but makes for much longer feeding times. I really don't want to have to feed her in seclusion so that she'll focus, because that means I'll be stuck in a room alone at each feeding, but I'm not sure what else to do. Is anyone else having this experience? I haven't nursed in public, but I can imagine that this would make it much more revealing if I absolutely needed to!

Ava still wraps her little arm around my waist and strokes my back as she eats - I love love love this and hope she never stops. It's so adorable!

She also likes to take the other hand and grip the top of my shirt. Love it!

I think my favorite little mannerism, though, is her recently emerged excitement at nursing. Just about two weeks ago, whenever I position A in my arms to nurse and start to unlatch, she starts getting so excited! Shell kick her little legs and/or move her little arms like crazy, all the while cooing and making the most adorable little shrieks. So cute!

I love nursing and all the cute little things that go along with it. Pumping, not so much. But nursing - I love it!

Update: Today she started doing something else I find adorable - twirling my hair through her fingers as she nurses. I love my little A!


  1. I so love nursing, too! Anne does a cute little thing where she'll pull herself off, lie back, spread out her arms, and grin at me. Then she'll get back on the nipple and suck for a few seconds ... then back to spreading her arms and grinning. She'll do this six or eight times in a row. It's adorable!

    She also gets very excited when I start to unlatch. Not only does she wave her arms and kick her legs, but she'll start whining/crying, as if I'm not getting it whipped out fast enough!

    She also pats my boob with her hand while she sucks, as if she's patting a little puppy. Ha. :)

  2. Oooooooh, this is so sweet! You made me miss the days of nursing. I had to think really long and hard about what G used to do-- and then I read what your previous commenter had to say, and I remembered that G also liked to pat my boob while she nursed!

    And YES, even though your blog is private, if you add that button, I'll give you the 2nd entry!



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