Thursday, May 10, 2012

Guess Who's Going to Bloggy Boot Camp Dallas?!

Yeah, that'd be me. Definitely not the most difficult guessing game, now, was it?

A couple years back, I tossed around the idea of attending Bloggy Boot Camp in Austin, but was unable to come up with both the time and the money then. I've regretted missing it ever since, though, having heard so many positive things, and so when I heard that the SITS girls would be heading back to Texas this coming September, I knew I had to go!

Though they won't be in Austin this time around (aw, shucks!), they will be heading North of our capital city to the Big D, and so myself and several other area bloggers are planning to head the three hours up IH-35 to attend! 

I'm looking so forward to the opportunity to attend and hear from some amazing speakers, including the lovely Holly Homer from June Cleaver Nirvana, as well as Kathy Bouska from Mama's Losin It and many others! I'm equally looking forward to connecting in person with bloggers/writers that I have only previously known on the internet, and making some great new friendships!

Speaking of, I connect with several of you on a regular basis in the Dallas area, and would absolutely love to meet you, whether you'll be attending the one-day conference as well or not. I'm hoping to be in town Friday through Sunday, though that depends significantly on whether or not I can secure sponsorship, but I would love to meet some of you if you'd like!

If you're interested in attending Bloggy Boot Camp, either in Dallas or otherwise, click here for information on tickets, locations, and how you can benefit!


  1. I'm in Dallas!!! You will probably be super duper busy, but would love to meet up! Are you bringing Ava?

    1. Yes! I'm not sure whether the family will be coming with me or not just yet, but either way, I'd love to meet up! And you'll have sweet little Harper, too - how precious!

  2. I'm going! Can't wait to meet you!!! I'm traveling north too!


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