Monday, May 21, 2012

Meet Our Bunny!

Now introducing: Sundress!

Note: We let Ava name the bunny, in case that wasn't obvious. Thankfully, I think Sunny is a pretty cute nickname, or even Sunny Bunny. We're also reasonably sure the bunny actually is a girl, so that name fits! It's growing on me.

Anyhow, we recently took the rest of the bunnies to be rescue bunnies at the petting zoo we frequent. It seemed like the perfect solution - they'll be happier and we'll still get a chance to see them, not to mention that they'll be making other little kiddos happy as well. How can you go wrong? Anyhow, we did keep one, since we'd all gotten attached to them, and that one is our sweet little Sundress.

We're still working on domesticating her fully, but of all of us, she seems to love Ava the most! She lets Ava hold her (though Ava is more persistent than anyone else, so that's a part of it!), and Ava is able to catch her a lot easier than we do! Sunny is definitely Ava's bunny :)

Welcome to our family, Sunny!


  1. Awe! She is so sweet! and not to mention, she's got the coolest name a bunny could have. That literally made me laugh out loud.By the way, it's nice to know Presley isn't the only one who wears shirts with no pants.

  2. That is super cute and what a cute name!!!! I've always wondered what kind of a pet a domesticated bunny would be like!!!! :)
    We got a new dog over the past weekend and I asked B what he wanted to name him.. he said Thomas. We were not as nice as you guys were... and I vetoed that immediately. ;)


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