Wednesday, May 2, 2012

(Not) Wordless Wednesday: Weekend Surprise!

This weekend, while putting Ava down for a nap, David came running in from mowing the lawn shouting something about baby bunnies. Sometimes I fall asleep while putting Ava to sleep, so I thought I might be delirious, but as it turned out, look what we found in our backyard:
There were originally six, but one of them died of a heat stroke before we got them inside. Bunnies, as you may not know, are extremely sensitive to heat - we had them when I was a kid and we lost one to a heat stroke before we knew. So, we have five baby bunnies currently! Four are perfectly healthy, rambunctious little effers cutie pies, and one is unfortunately hurt pretty badly, as we rescued him from the grips of our next door neighbor's Great Dane. I'm hoping he makes a full recovery, but it's not looking that good. He isn't able to walk currently for one reason or another (likely broken bones, since there are no obvious puncture wounds), and so I'm currently hand-feeding him Kitten Milk Replacement (that was the pet stores recommendations since they're only weeks old!) from a medicine dropper in the hopes he'll live. Yes, we're suckers at my house! 

Update: Sebastian, our hurt bunny, passed away last night :((((((((

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  1. What cute little bunnies! I'm sorry to hear that the one didn't make it. :( Are you planning on keeping the other 4? I got a bunny when I was 11 and he lived 4 years. How fun for Ava to experience this!

  2. oh no, so sorry to hear the hurt bunny passed away :(
    Are you keeping them?!!! SO CUTE!!!! I've heard that you can actually potty train bunnies!! :) Do let me know!!! I was thinking maybe this weekend we could make a trip to the local pet store and pick something out... maybe a hamster or something small like that. B would LOVE it and Pat wouldn't have to clean a kitty's litter box out and we wouldn't have to find another sitter for another dog when we leave. OK, now that I just figured that out on your comment Have a wonderful weekend!!!! Look forward to updates on those cute little creatures!


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