Monday, May 14, 2012

Sadie: The Paper Crown Princess: A Book for Every Little Princess In Your Life

Have I mentioned a friend of mine, the fabulous Amanda Evans, wrote a book? That's right. I'm practically a celebrity just by knowing her. Anywho, her book is being released next week, and so I want to tell you just a few of the million reasons you should buy it :)

For those of you taking a look at the word "princess" and thinking you've had your fill of princess stories, know that it's not that kind of book. Well, it does contain a princess, and there may be a happy ending, but this, my friends, is a princess story with heart. Sure, Sadie is an adorable gal, but her true beauty is inside - a message I surely want to pass along to little A.

In fact, just last week, I attended a book launch party for Sadie: The Paper Crown Princess, where I was lucky enough to be privy to a reading by Mrs. Evans herself. It's no secret that I spend the bulk of my time amongst children and - naturally - children's books, and even I was impressed by the beauty of the story and the message that it passes along to a world that increasingly needs to hear it.

The story itself is plenty capable of holding its own, but when you add in the fabulous illustrations, you've got a home run. Seriously ladies, if you have a little lady (or fella) in your life, you'd be crazy not to snag a copy of Sadie for them! There are quite a few little gals in my life that can expect one :)

For more information on Sadie or to join Team Sadie, you can visit Paper Crown Sadie. For more about the author, visit her blog at Keep It Complicated.


  1. Thank YOU! I'm so glad you were able to make it! I think you should have gotten an award for being the most committed to being there! :)


    P.S. Thanks Traci!


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