Thursday, November 15, 2012

Halloween 2012: My Little Ladybug!

I've gotten a renewed sense of just how much fun Halloween can be since becoming a mother, and this year was no different! Like in years past, we enjoyed our playgroup's annual Halloween parties for both big kids and the little kids, as well as a Halloween party and trick-or-treating the night of.

Check out all the fabulous costumes!

Our annual Halloween party for the big(ger) kids, complete with treats, trick-or-treating and a treasure hunt, and potato sack races!

And then for the little ones:

The big event, however, is always the D's big Halloween shindig, which begins with apps and drinks, and this year ended with a golf cart full of kids, roadies, and Halloween jammies! What more could you want from the start of the holiday season?

Here's my little ladybug in action:

Happy (oh-so-belated) Halloween, y'all!


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