Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Things to Do at The Austin Children's Museum: Spin & Span Exhibit

We recently found ourselves with a morning free of plans (miracle that it is!), so Ava, A and I made our way down to the Austin Children's Museum to check out their newest exhibit. We haven't been for a couple months, and they have a rotating display of exhibits that come through, alongside their everyday stations (kitchen, funstruction zone, tinkertoys, art center, etc.), so we thought we'd see what was new there.

Their current exhibit is Spin & Span, examining the forces of gravity, motion and inertia from a child's point of view and in daily application. This ended up translating into an exhibit that was visually fascinating, and very hands on! There was a tornado display, multiple bridge structures that the kiddos could walk across, and much, much more! 

Aside from the new exhibit, we also visited some of our favorite spots:

 Happy Tuesday, everyone!

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