Monday, October 7, 2013

Ava Graduates From Sibling Class!

Ok, so that's making it sound like a whole big process that it was not. BUT, we did have a fun mommy-daughter date yesterday afternoon, starting with ice cream/sorbet at Amy's Ice Creams, and finishing up at Seton's sibling preparation class for big brothers/big sisters.

Ava has been really looking forward to the class, where you bring a stuffed animal or baby doll and learn about what newborns look like, need, and do, and what happens in the hospital. She also learned how to put a diaper on, swaddle the baby, and how to hold him safely! 

The class was great. The nurse was super fantastic with kiddos and really broke down the process of what would be happening during this important transition, tasking the children with telling adults to wash their hands before touching the baby and making them feel important and a part of the process. I would highly recommend anyone who is delivering at a hospital that offers this class to take their older sibling to it - involvement and knowledge about what is going to happen to their family really seems to be key to this process! 

Here are some pictures of Ava rocking being a big sister:

Now I just need to get my highlights redone this Friday, and see Book of Mormon Sunday, and this baby is welcome to make his debut!

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