Monday, October 21, 2013

Pumpkin Patch: 2013!

Well, friends. Despite my hopes and dreams of an early baby, this Sunday rolled around, and it just so happened I was still pregnant and had four days to go. What's a crazy lady to do but to head out to the pumpkin patch?! I had meant to go the weekend before, but there was an almost unheard of downpour in Austin that closed most of them down and turned the rest into giant mud pits, so this weekend it was :)

We've gone to the Elgin Christmas Tree Farm Pumpkin Patch every single year since Ava was born (see here for cuteness from 2010, 2011 and 2012), so it seemed fitting that we make the pilgrimage again this year! It seems that they're gaining popularity in spite of the opening of other patches, and so each year it's gotten bigger and bigger and offered more - including face painting, rubber duck races, pony rides and more this year! Nothing makes my girl's day like a pony ride!

After that, we kept with the animal theme and visited the petting zoo, at least until some obnoxious men started yelling "Bacon!!" at the pig, teaching a life lesson we're not quite ready for....

After that, it was a trip around the Christmas tree farm on the hayride - something I wouldn't recommend for any woman about to have a baby four days later. OUCH. Then again, I'm pretty sure he's nice and stuck in there, since if anything was going to get him out, it seemed likely a hayride on uneven ground would do the trick!

The hayride takes you out to where there is a playground, face painters, and some pumpkin-themed games!

Once we hopped back on and rode back to the front, we did a little pumpkin picking, a little pumpkin painting, and it was time to go back home. Not before our annual stop at Meyer's BBQ, though - yum!

Happy Pumpkin picking, y'all!

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