Thursday, June 12, 2014

Ava's End of Year Show at The Little Gym.

Summer is now upon us, as the 98 degree temperature reminds me almost daily, and as such, another school-year season of gymnastics at The Little Gym of Round Rock has come to a close! A couple weeks back - in fact, the same weekend as my birthday, Ava's ballet recital, and her grandparents visiting for the weekend - Ava capped off another great year of gymnastics. Show week gives children the opportunity to invite parents, friends, grandparents, and other special people in their lives  into the gym for an exhibition of the skills they've been working so hard on all year.

Her class split into three groups, each with a different instructor leading the way and assisting where needed, with some on the beam, some on the floor, and some on the bars. They then took turns demonstrating their skills for the audience, not only showing off all they've been learning and practicing, but allowing each child to take the stage and build their self-confidence.

Here's my little funny bug:

Happy handstands, friends! We're so excited to start our summer session of gymnastics and continue on this wonderful journey!

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