Friday, June 20, 2014

Things to Do in Round Rock: Micki Krebsbach Pool.

The summer has only just begun, and boy have we found a gem! My meetup group recently met up at Micki Krebsbach Pool (here forth just called the "Pirate Pool" at our house, per my daughter's apt naming skills) for an afternoon at a kid-friendly pool, and it was awesome! I always enjoy pools that have toddler/kiddie areas with zero-entry beaches, but have older kid- and parent-friendly attractions also (here, the water slide and barrel rope challenge were awesome!). This place really is fun for the entire family! Ava's already been asking to go back. Here are some pics from our visit, including one of me with Jack in his water sling (Water slings, by the way? Basically the best invention ever, allowing Jack to be strapped to me and kept above water while I am able to have both hands on Ava when needed also. If you're in need of one, I can put you in touch with the woman who made mine both fast and inexpensively!).

Without further adeiu:

What you should know:
-There is an entrance fee, but they accept visa/mastercard. Woot! They also accept cash, obviously. For Round Rock residents, it's $2.50 for adults, $1.50 for kids (even infants). I believe it's an additional dollar per person for non Round Rock residents.
-Micki Krebsbach Pool is named for a young girl who drowned many years back. Please, please, please be familiar with what drowning looks like, as well as the dangers of secondary drowning, and watch and act accordingly.
-Micki Krebsbach Pool is located at 301 Deepwoods Dr, Round Rock, TX  78681

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