Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Little Gym of Round Rock: Jack is a Bug!

As you already know, Ava has long been taking classes at The Little Gym of Round Rock, and absolutely loves it. The teachers, the gym, the curriculum - it's been such a great fit for our family. So when Jack went mobile recently, I figured it was high time for Jack's own introduction to the gym!

The youngest class they offer is the Bugs class, starting around four months of age. We just started a couple of weeks ago while Jack was seven months old, so he'll only stay in the Bugs class for the summer (until he's ten months, when they graduate to the next level), but he's really loved it so far! 

The first week I wasn't sure of what to expect, and it could've gone better. Jack was in what might be rare form for less intense babies, but what was kind of par for the course for him, and we ended up going to sit in the multipurpose room mid-class so I could calm him down. Thankfully the instructor is used to babies and surely had seen it all, so no one even batted an eyelash.

Aside from the mid-class fit-throwing, our first class went great! It started out with us introducing ourselves and our babies, and then leading them through a series of stretches and warm-up exercises. After that, we do an activity incorporating a new motor or cognitive skill; in the case of our first class, we made music and tapped two rods together in different ways. Or, in Jack's case, he chewed on the sticks and then screamed when I took them away. Same difference.

We've also spent time exploring the gym on our own, doing front rolls over rolling gym equipment with our instructor, grabbing the rings and hanging out on the air track. So many wonderful sensory experiences! Each class ends with bubbles, easily one of Jack's favorite parts. He crawls all over the floor trying to pop (or really smash!) them. He also loves the bouncy balls that we practice rolling and playing with, except I think it's because the big white button where they get inflated has led him to believe that they are giant boobies and he attacks them as such.

One of the benefits of the class, aside from the obvious stimulation and development for Jack, is that it is a great opportunity to meet other moms with babies who are similarly-aged and who are in a similar place in their life. It can be really isolating having a young baby, and having support and knowing others are going through the same thing can really help to get you through what can be a lonely time!

We can't wait for our next class!

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