Thursday, June 19, 2014

Things to Do in Round Rock: Round Rock Donuts.

Given how many Austin-area things we've covered, and how much time I've been spending in Round Rock this summer so far, between Ava's gymnastics classes and Jack's gym class at The Little Gym and camps and pools and whatnot, it seemed only appropriate to move some of the "Things to Do..." series I inadvertently take up each summer to the Round Rock area.

Whether you're a Round Rock newbie or a native Round Rock-er (or just someone who's spent a bit of time watching Food Network), you've likely heard of Round Rock Donuts. Though I live less than fifteen minutes away from this notable bakery, I'd never actually visited, thanks to the proximity and allure of Ken's Donuts during my college years stealing my heart. Wanting to right that particular wrong, we made a pit stop this morning on the way to art camp. 

I'm not a big glazed donut fan - I like 'em fancy. Cover them in chocolate, add sprinkles or nuts or coconut, fill them...I like my donuts complicated. But knowing that Round Rock Donuts was famous for their plain glazed (their orange glaze is what put them on the map - yum!), we picked up one of those, as well as a strawberry with sprinkles for A, and a chocolate with sprinkles for me (yeah, yeah, I know I'm not supposed to have dairy, but I'm only human!). Overall, I liked them. I certainly thought they topped Krispy Kreme, but that's not saying much from me, since I'm not a KK believer. I'm glad I tried them, and wouldn't turn one down if someone was handing it to me, but I'm not sure I know what all the fuss is about. Sure, they're good, but they're donuts. Of course they're good. I do think that I'll be back in the future to check out a chocolate frosted cupcake and their frosted tea cookies, though, and, if I'm in the area anyhow, potentially pick up yet another donut :)

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