Monday, September 28, 2009

Baby B's Going-Home Outfit.

D just does NOT get it. He cannot understand what the hell is so important about the coming home outfit. Which is ok, because he's a guy, so he doesn't need to get it. I 'get it' enough for both of us. To me, it's more of a keepsake than anything else, especially seeing how other mom's have treated their going-home outfits (stored in airtight containers, kept in a special place and not handed-down, etc.) I understand that Baby B won't give two craps what she's wearing out of the hospital, but this is FOR ME, ya hear? He just doesn't get it.

Anyhow, we spent a good hour this weekend at Babies R Us looking for a coming home outfit to no avail. I think it should be some darling two-or-three-piece set, complete with matching hat and booties. I mean, for Christ's sake, this is her debut into the outside world, how she'll first be photographed in our home, how our meticulous pets will first see her (you may think I'm joking, but I have a cat that's a force to be reckoned with, and it wouldn't kill us to try to get Baby B looking so adorable he just can't help but love her...or at least not hate her). Anyhow, we got nowhere. When D said, "Why can't she just come home in a onesie?" (uh, it's winter buddy!), and then added "I thought babies just wore onesies and sleepers. I thought they didn't start dressing like real people until 6 months or so?!", we left Babies R Us with me in tears (I should take this opportunity to confess my hormones were a bit over the top this weekend).

Anyhow, to make a long story less long (since it no longer qualifies as short, that's for sure!), here's what I mustered up while searching through her clothes we already have:
What do you think of this? So far it's our only option. It's NB sized, aka 5-8lbs, so we'll have to take a backup 0-3 mos. outfit in case of my own little case of gigantababy, but I'm hoping (more like praying) it'll fit! It's warm enough, give or take a blanket or two (it's TX, folks, not Alaska), and I have a cute little pink hat to match. Now I just need shoes! My only complaint is that I think the outfit she wears home should have been bought by US, and this was given to us, but it still hasn't ever been worn, so that should work, right?


  1. I completely understand! I've been searching all over for the perfect coming home outfit and my husband doesn't get it at all. He thinks I'm making way too big a deal out of the whole thing. I actually ended up stitching the baby's name on a plain onesie and pairing it with footie pants and a hat. He's got a major snow suit to wear in the car (we live in OH) so I think it should be warm enough! I love the outfit you picked so far!

  2. I brought several outfits for Marianne. She wound up going home in a slightly-too-large onesie. But she was also born in the middle of the summer and it was HOT.


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