Friday, September 18, 2009

New Stuff Since Yesterday!

You'd think that in a 24-hour period, this list would be small. It's actually quite huge.

First off, here's the latest nursery update:

Oh yeah, those are curtains! I'm so psyched. $15 at Target. Cha-ching!

Then, seeing as how I was off early and celebrating and already at Target, I decided today would be the day I finally got my stuff together on her bathroom. Here's the update there:

While these pictures suck, thanks to awkward bathroom angles, I love love love this set. In the end I decided to go with this so that a.) it wouldn't be all kid-ded out, since that's really, really not my style, and b.) I got that robe and matching washcloths at my shower and loved them, and decided since I like EVERYTHING to match to go with a multi-print, multi-color theme. I love it! Now I just need to paint :)

Lastly, but also very exciting, my diaper bag came in the mail last night!!!
It's fantastic :) I will definitely be a hip mama, and haven't seen anything like it ever before in person, so that's exciting also! It's also much larger than I imagined, and will hold just about everything, with a matching diapee & wipee pouch and thermal bottle insulator to boot:

The only thing we need now (which the emergency card in the diaper bag so graciously reminded me this afternoon) is a name! Not going to be in a post 24 hours from now, though, I can tell you that!


  1. I love, love your bathroom set! I like that it's not too baby-ish, so it will grow with her. Great idea!

  2. Her room is SO cute!!! And I gotta know who makes the diaper bag!! I'm having my first in Dec/Jan, and HAVE TO HAVE THAT BAG!!!


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