Tuesday, September 8, 2009

One More Day!

Tomorrow night my mom is coming into town to visit and help throw my baby shower - SO exciting! She hasn't been to Texas since my college graduation four-and-a-half years ago, so it's high time I must say! Makes me feel less guilty about my once yearly trips ;)

I'm VERY excited to see her, and to be honest, have some help with the baby shower. While technically I'm not throwing it, as I've mentioned before I've had to do all the planning up until now since she doesn't know any of my friends/the area, so it'll be a HUGE relief to have someone else to set up, have decorating ideas, etc. We're also planning to paint the baby's room and finish putting the nursery together, so expect mucho picture uploads by the time she leaves on Sunday!!

I also can't wait to show her around Austin, since she's spent minimal time here, and as such can't understand why I'm so in love with this place. Hopefully I can show her a lovely enough time that she'll move here...yeah, right. Wishful thinking, I suppose. With the baby heading full force towards us, it'd be GREAT to have a set of grandparents nearby, but oh well...I'm giving up that dream.

Just 24 more hours til she's here!

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  1. We don't live near either set of grandparents either and would love to be closer to them. Have fun with your Mom and the shower!! :o)


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