Monday, September 28, 2009

Dr. Elise Kibler

This won't shock you at this rate, with the amount of mind-changing I do on a regular basis about things that aren't actually important, but I've changed my mind about Baby B's pediatrician. Something about Dr. Treybig just feels off to me (only as a fit for our particular situation and family, not generally. I'm sure she's lovely), and so I've opted to go with a different pediatrician instead, associated with the same practice but at the North location that is closer by our house. I've decided to go with Elise Kibler.

I think what it was about Dr. Treybig was that she doesn't do prepartum visits. Something about that really bothers me. I get that she's probably very busy, but how can you expect me to trust you with the most important thing in the world, my newborn, if I've never had the chance to meet with you and talk with you about your thoughts/opinions on important things like vaccination schedules, etc? Dr. Kibler's line was immediately answered, and they scheduled me for a prepartum visit on 10/15. Her receptionist was also really nice and patient. Since she's still associated with Capital Peds, I still get to take advantage of the extended night and weekend hours, as well, just at the other location if necessary. Win-win, I think!

Again, anyone with any thoughts or experiences with this provider they'd like to share?

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