Saturday, September 12, 2009

Baby Shower - 9/12/09

Today did NOT start out well. For starters, seeing as how September is the second hottest month of the year in Austin and we've been in the midst of a serious drought, we planned our baby shower at a park, not wanting to have to host 50+ people in our home. Sadly, when we went to sleep last night it had been raining for nearly 24 straight hours, and while we prayed it would be quick and short-lived, we awoke to a torrential downpour throughout the Austin area. Oh crap.

We went to scope out the park site, hoping maybe it was raining at our house but not there (stranger things have happened!), but no such luck. After much debate and hmming and hawing, we decided to go against our best judgment and change the location to our house.

Surprisingly enough, the end result was BEAUTIFUL! We were nervous about the parking situation, seating for that many people, and having the house be a disaster area, but I can honestly say now that it's all through that it was wonderful, and we had zero issues, besides some probably pissed off neighbors since we had 30+ cars lining our street. Oh well. Everything else went down without a hitch, and we got some absolutely beautiful and essential gifts. Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who came out in the rain and 'showered' us...we are so incredibly thankful and grateful - I have no words. We're so honored to have such amazing, supportive people in our lives :)

Here's some pics from the big event:

I don't know how other people do things, but to me it's not a party without booze :)

Let's just say that childless single women and gay guys aren't that great at Baby Word Scrambles...this went on FOREVER!
Our insane gift table! Holy cow!
Present time!
One of the many random piles of baby things we had to sort through and put away after the shower :) - definitely one of the best parts. A finished room pic to come soon!!!
I just want to reiterate how thankful we are to everyone who came and/or was there in spirit. We appreciate you all SO much and are so infinitely thankful to have you in our lives to share this joyous event with! I can't wait til she gets here :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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