Thursday, September 24, 2009


Holy shitballs!

According to

SUMO BABY WILL EAT US ALL! Seriously, that tiny baby next to him looks concerned.

An Indonesian woman gave birth to a 19-pound baby, a record in Indonesia. Gigantababy was just 4lbs shy from beating the world record. Doctors think the baby boy's massive size is due to the fact that his mother has diabetes. Gigantababy is completely healthy and is eating non-stop. Durr.

You can tell your vagina to stop shaking and crying, because he was born via c-section. Although, you know that Indonesian woman's vagina was bawling just like gigantababy in the picture above, because it thought it was GAME OVER. It dodged a 19lb bullet.

Click here for the full article.

Excuse me for the short post, but I think I'm seconds away from passing out after seeing that!


  1. OMG B, you seriously have me worried now. i feel like i need to call my OB first thing tomorrow just to see how big my little butterbean is!! i think the hubby swallowed his tongue when i showed him the pic!!

  2. ROFL. They told me Marianne would be big, on account of she LOOKED HUGE given my rather petite Asian-gene-caused frame.

    She wound up being 7lbs...perfectly normal and average in weight. Unless you have GD, your chances of giving birth to a large kid depend largely on your own size and your husband's.

    I wound up having a C-section, but that was cause my OB SUCKED. Luckily for both of us, my little bit is perfectly healthy.


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