Saturday, September 5, 2009


I've limited this blog mainly to stuff about baby, so a lot of you don't know all that much about me. Here's a little something to remedy that.

Much to my surprise, given my feelings about living there alone at the time, some days my heart aches so much for NYC I can't even stand it.

Here's some pictures that I can barely look at without them taking my breath away. Not sure why the sentimentality these days - I blame pregnancy hormones.

See that Gap ad? That was my apartment.

My old, extremely convenient subway stop:

I lived on top of this bar (or in it, if you want to be brutally honest. NYC was hard on me at the time).

The view across 72nd St, between Amsterdam & Columbus Avenues. Yep, that's Buttercup Bakery, the sister to Magnolia. Delicious. No wonder I put on a few pounds in NYC!

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