Wednesday, September 23, 2009


My OB and my pharmacist seem to be at odds about this particular cough-medicine ingredient. While my OB assured me that Robittusin is just fine during pregnancy, my pharmacist told D when he picked some up for me that, especially considering how far along I am, that I shouldn't take anything with Dextromethorphan in it, which crosses just about everything off the list. To make matters more confusing, I'm pretty certain I've heard negative things about this medication before, which leaves me more confused than ever. I put a call in to my GP to see what he has to say about things, but no call back yet. Apparently the whole of Austin is sick :(

Anyone out there with any opinions? For now, I'm toughing it out with cough drops and an extra-strength Tylenol every eight hours, but I know I'd feel better with something a little more heavy-duty!


  1. Don't feel bad, the hubby and I sick over here as well (like 20 minutes outside Austin). I would hold off. I LURVE my OB, but some of his advice has been a little.... off. My regular practitioner says one thing and my OB says another. I'd wait and get a second opinion. Until then, I really hope you feel better! Try a little soup (I like broccoli and cheese from Quizno's) and some comical T.V.

  2. I hope you feel better soon! It really sucks to be sick AND pregnant! Yuck. By the way, my OB said he'll have the results from the glucose test tomorrow afternoon, but they close at noon so I won't get them until Monday. Good luck with yours in two weeks! The drink really isn't too bad. :-)

  3. The reason Tylenol PM is okay during pregnancy is because it contains benedryl and regular tylenol. I saw on my safe medications list that some cough and cold meds are okay, but to avoid taking them if at all possible, and not to take anything that was a decongestant. When I was sick during pregnancy, I took Tylenol PM and drank a lot of hot drinks.

  4. Update: My GP called back and said he agrees with my OB, that the medicine is safe in pregnancy, particularly in the latter two trimesters. Luckily for me, however, I am feeling better, so opted to not take it anyways, just in case.


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