Friday, September 4, 2009

Nesting - Several Months Early!

Having gotten home early today, I decided to take to the front yard/household and do a bit of fall cleaning. While I've always been a very, VERY, tediously clean person, today's extraneous cleaning tasks must qualify slightly as nesting, right? Here's only a few of the projects I've tackled:

*Cleaned out the kitchen cabinets, rearranging the tea cabinet, tupperware and bar cabinet to make room for baby bottles/snack traps/etc. I even had the good sense to put it next to the sink, where the bottle drying rack, etc. will be placed! Hooray!
*Planted flowers in four pots out front and one out back on our new back patio table, which I set up a couple of nights ago.
*Watered said flowers, as well as those in the ground (since we've broken the previous heat record this summer, it seemed necessary for their survival)
*Taken out all trash cans and cleaned them out as necessary.
*Taken out recycling, which I'm happy to announce we produce nearly fourfold an amount of as we do actual trash. Way to be green!
*Swept out the garage, front porch and back porch.
*Cleaned out under the kitchen sink.
*Caught my scrapbook to present and finished off the latest book. A new one will begin tomorrow, as usual, for the first football game.
*Paid nearly all bills for September :)!!!!!!!!!
*Baby-proofed the outlets.

Dude, I rock. I've only been home two and a half hours!

On a side note, my back hurts.

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  1. Haha! I'm getting into this, too. The only problem is I and the lil' bean are most wide awake at 3:30 in the morning, so I can't do much productive without waking my husband up!


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