Monday, June 14, 2010

Allow Me To Introduce... cousin Xar's blog.

One of the things that has always stood out to me about the blogging community is the way that everyone supports one another. I've been extremely fortunate to find a great group of mommmies that I met over at the Babycenter December 2009 Birth Club boards. It is so advantageous for me to have these women to lean on, commiserate with, compare experiences and milestones and emotions with, all with babies days and weeks apart from my own. I am also extremely lucky to have amazing readers, many of whom have lifted me up when I was down, and offered extremely helpful advice (and support) when I've asked for it. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU. This is definitely a huge reason for going public again - the more people who want to opine on my musings, the better!

Anyhow, the reason I've gone into the long shout-out to my fellow December mommies and readers is that my cousin has recently moved from a small Colorado town to Washington, D.C. for a short-term (though potentially permanent) contract job, and has left her husband and nearly one-year-old daughter behind for the time being while she gets things settled. While she's an exceptionally strong woman, I'm sure you can all imagine how difficult this situation is for anyone, and it is my hope that you'll visit her blog as she journals what it's like to be a commuter mom, and rally around her with the support she so needs during this time.

On a side note, today was a big day around our household. Not only did A have solid food. Not only was it my first official day of vacation (which rocked, by the way!). Those things would've been great enough in and of themselves. But also, today was the day I put on my big girl pants and pitched an idea to my writing manager! Isn't pitch such an adult word? Doesn't it just conjure up images of three-piece power suits, briefcases and executives? Perhaps I've just been out of the workforce too long? Either way, as you all know (especially my poor Facebook friends who endure post after post I've written appearing in their News Feeds - sorry!), I've been doing some writing for the website Gather. All of their writers are assigned a certain category, depending on their interests, expertise and experience, and mine obviously is Moms/Parenting. They have recently added a couple of Channels, as they call these categories, which got me thinking about their needs going forward, and how I can fit these needs. That is why, friends, today I pitched an idea for a Pregnancy Channel, one that would house articles on topics such as weight gain, eating well during pregnancy, high risk pregnancy, fetal development, baby names, etc., and ideally, one that I would be in charge of. What what?? Wouldn't that be awesome?

OK, OK, enough writing for one night. If all goes well, I'll have more writing to do soon for what would be *my* channel, and anyhow, I'm probably boring the pants off of you.

Have a fantastic night, everyone! Tomorrow is Baby Day at the Alamo Drafthouse, so I'm catching a movie with my fellow blog buddy and both of our little cutie pies. Can't wait!


  1. Hey, better to pitch an idea and show that you're a go-getter than not.

    Ambition is what gets us ahead in life.


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