Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Chaos, Swim Lessons & Back to Work.

This week has been INSANE, and it's only Tuesday.

Today, after a week of vacation and time home with Ava, I went back to work. Wah wahhhhhhh. Let me clarify - I love my job. I spent the day hanging out at Westwood Country Club poolside with all three of my little ladies and eating lunch, so really, I can't complain. That doesn't change the fact, though, that handling three kiddos at the pool for a couple of hours is draining and nerve-wracking, particularly when two are at each other's throats and one had to be held the entire time. Plus, working from 8-4:30 and then heading over to swim lessons from 5:30-6 and then driving the 40 minutes home (thank you, rush hour traffic) is...overwhelming.

Add to that the fact that we get home between 6:30-6:45, and Ava typically takes her bath at 7PM, and then nurses immediately afterwards, and I'm a basketcase at best. I'm sure you'll notice that feeding Ava dinner has been conveniently left off the schedule. As you know, I really struggled with my decision to introduce solids a couple weeks prior to the six month mark, but felt that she was ready, as she sits unsupported, has teeth, chews constantly, is fascinated with our food and reaches for it, can hold her own spoon, etc. She's hitting and exceeding all the milestones generally associated with starting solids. That doesn't, however, indicate that her digestive system is ready and has matured, so I went back and forth with the decision, finally deciding to give homemade sweet potatoes last week. She started off eating a few bites total, and then worked her way up in a couple days to eating full servings that I had prepared in an ice cube tray. That's where we left off. Over the course of that time, she began having diapers that were reminiscent of when I discovered her milk allergy/sensitivity, although less watery and more mud-like, for lack of a better description (aren't you so glad you tuned in today to hear about my baby's poo??). Anyhow, while I'm not certain it's a reaction to the solids, between the diapers and our crazy schedule, I've pulled solids back off the table, and will begin again next week or the week after, depending on how her tummy and our schedule seems. If I've messed anything up, I'll feel so guilty :(

On a more positive note, here are some cutie pics of Ava hanging poolside:


  1. Oh no! I hope things slow down a little bit. Don't worry, your a great Mommy and she showed every sign that P has for starting solids. You didn't do anything wrong. By the way, Ava is too cute in her teeny bikini and those red sunglasses!!! Also, the "Boobs" comment made me literally spit my drink out all over myself.

  2. Ahh...she is so adorable! :) Don't fret too much about the solids...I did the same thing as you...Sera seemed ready, but I had wanted to wait until 6 months, but then when we tried them (earlier than 6 months), she seemed to have a reaction (she had food allergies at that that age, too), so we took a break, and when we started again, she was okay. :) :) Good luck!! :)

  3. I just saw your comment and wanted to let you know about my blog signature. It was super easy to do -- I used Photoshop to make the signature, then followed the directions spelled out in the following link to install it in the HTML code. If you need any help or any other info, just let me know!

    Also, if you don't have Photoshop, but know what font/style you want your signature to be I'd be happy to help you make one!


  4. It sounds like Ava had the same poo as Jack with the sweet potatoes. It was about the same color as the potatoes and a mud like consistency. I'm not sure what her normal poo looks like or what this poo looked like (who knew we'd be talking so much about poo?) but I'd say it's normal. You might want to take a picture to show your doctor. It'll change depending on what you've fed her. Jack's poo is all over the map now, depending on what food he's eating! Nice, huh?

  5. That close up pic of Ava in her little suit and glasses is priceless!!! Awesome!!! I feel like I haven't gotten out much to take any good pics b/c the weather has been so crappy on the weekend. Boo!!!

    What do you do for your job?

  6. She is just the prettiest thing.

    Probably, that is a normal reaction. It's the first time her tummy is adjusting to solids. When you switch to solids their poo tends to change in consistency. You are such a great mom with how observant you are, though!


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