Monday, June 28, 2010

Six Months!

Happy Half-Birthday, Ava!!!

The results are in from her six-month appointment this morning - she's a chunk ;)

Weight: 17lbs, 8oz. (75-90%)
Height: 26 3/4" (75-90%)
Apparently she's been growing JUST FINE on mama milk alone!

We reintroduced solids last night, giving her a mashed up banana and a helping of sweet potatoes. Not only did she finish the entire sweet potato serving, she ate HALF a banana. What a little chunker monker!

Ava officially has two teeth, with the second finally having broken the surface! Now that it's through, lil homie is in much better spirits and is sleeping better at night. She still continues to wake up once, but since she's been co-sleeping, I've actually had to ask D, "Did she wake up last night or did I dream that??" Niiiice.
Don't worry, though. I'm completely conscious of her being in our bed and in tune with her. I just am able to stay happily half-asleep while she eats. I'm quickly changing my tune on this whole co-sleeping issue!

On another note, while SIDS does occur after 6 months, cases are few and far between, with 90% occuring prior to 6 months. Wheewwwwwww. What a huge sigh of relief. I'll still be vigilant, of course, but to actually start to believe that Ava is here to stay is a huge weight off my shoulders.

Ava's shots went...decently enough, I suppose. She cried, of course, but that was to be expected. I'm pretty sure I would've cried, too, had I been the one getting stuck, so no judgment! I just felt so bad for her afterwards, since everytime Dr. H would come back into the room, she'd start all over again.

Some adorable things A's doing right now:

-She's finally reaching for me (finally by my standards, not by developmental standards!) I've really looked forward to the day when she can signal that she wants me or wants me to pick her up (although I'm sure it'll get old fast when she's always wanting to be held!), so this was a cute milestone.

-Since she's started sleeping in our bed, she's learned to wake us up in other ways besides crying, which is adorable. I love knowing she's learning to communicate her needs and desires in new ways. Last night, I woke up to a cold little hand on my face. When I looked down, I saw too big, bright eyes staring up at me, her little hand on my cheek. Too cute.

-Ava likes to babble and sing. She's really getting the consonant sounds down, particularly 'buh', 'muh', 'dah' and 'huh'. Loving it! Can't wait until she can speak!!

This weekend was nonstop - more on that later when I can post pics!

Happy Monday, friends!


  1. Wow! Little Ava is doing great! Riley's 6 month checkup isn't until Thursday! Grrrr. I hate waiting! I can't wait to compare notes though. :-) I enjoy your updates! Thanks!

  2. Happy 6 months, Ava!! I'm glad she is doing so well. I'm with ya on the SIDS. We're still not completely out of the woods, but we can certainly breathe a bit easier now. :)

    I'm glad co-sleeping is going so well for you. It is cute waking up to a sweet little face staring at you! I LOVE when Jack touches my face. Adorable!


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