Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Growing Up...

Ava is getting a SECOND tooth! While only the first one has completely broken through and is becoming more and more visible each day, it's my guess that her second one will be equally obvious by the weekend! How is it possible that my teeny tiny baby can now sit and eat solid foods and has TWO teeth?!?! Also, I think I failed to mention that at her doctor appointment over a week ago, Miss A weighed 16lbs, 7oz. Holy moly!

Here's a little cuteness for all of you out there that put up with my incessant rambling :)

To be clear, this is the most time Ava has ever spent in her crib :/

Look who's growing some hair finally!

My little sitter!

Our new sleeping arrangement. Seems like she gets the better end of the deal, eh?

I wanted to start asking around what other mommies were doing/have done for their first Father's Day?? I ask because I have ZERO idea what our plans are, and David is no help since he's standing firm on not wanting anything. Well, sorry, but I'm not neglecting your first Father's Day! That's just blasphemy! Any ideas/suggestions?

He's not into any sports (other than soccer - damn you World Cup! - and college football - we already have season tickets, so that's out), and I'll be damned if I contribute anymore to his (gulp!) video game habit!

Happy Hump Day, y'all! I'm sad my vacation is passing by, but we're filling it up with lots of goodness, including shopping trips, lazing around the house, movies, errands, and lunching with the "ladies" (AKA Ava's gay uncles). I wish I could be a stay-at-home mom :) Someday!


  1. Jack and I took card stock and got ink prints of his hands and feet and I'm going to frame it. I made one for myself too. :) I got my dad a new coffee maker, but I'm sure that doesn't help you any! Maybe you could cook him a nice big breakfast? Or if he's not a big breakfast eater, then maybe brunch or lunch? Dress Ava up in an outfit that says something about "Daddy" on it and have a nice family meal. I like homemade gifts myself, so something like getting her hand prints would be great if you guys are into it!

    I can't believe she's getting her second tooth already! I didn't get my first one until I was almost 9 months old, so maybe I've got awhile with Jack. Who knows?!

    Enjoy your time off!

  2. A friend of mine goes to a paint and fire place and makes a mug with her daughters hand/footprints every year. Not feeling quite so creative, I uploaded pictures to costco (shutterfly, walmart, a bunch of those sites do it too) and made a mug with photos from the last year for him. Walmart even had a travel mug and I sent one of those to my dad. He also really wants a Weber grill, but that's a far more pricey gift - so we'll see.

  3. I saw a post on babycenter where this lady when to a local pottery place and picked out a nice white plate. They put paint on her baby's bum and drew a thick line down the center of the plate. They sat the baby on the plate and it made the cutest little butterfly!! They then baked the plate to preserve the paint. You could do something like that maybe. :-) My husband is in New York so I sent him a cute tshirt that has a cartoon guy in a gasmask trying to change a baby's diaper and it says "REAL men change diapers!" lol. Hope he likes it!


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