Monday, June 14, 2010

I'm a Hypocrite.

Ugh...I'm so struggling with this, since I know (and truly believe) that waiting until six months is best. The thing is, little A is hungry. That alone wouldn't be a reason to start her on solids, but she's just so interested in food, and she's not sleeping as well as I'd like (and as well as everyone else's babies, from the sounds of it!), so I went ahead and jumped the gun:

Tonight, Ava had sweet potatoes and LOVED them! She's been obsessed with food since she was just weeks old, so this didn't really surprise me, but she was totally into it :)

Here are some pics of the big event:


  1. I'm finally in!! I've been trying to get into your blog since last week and it wouldn't let me.

    Holy crap- poor Ava!! I am so sorry she (and you) have been going through so much.

    She looks so happy eating, though. I hope she is feeling better. ANNNND - woooooooot!! i am happy you finally spoke up and said something to D. All bendies crossed that there are wedding bells in the near future.

  2. Yay Ava!! I also believed that waiting until 6 months was the best thing, but I think it's important to read your baby's cues and different babies have different needs. And really, you're only 2 weeks early! I think its great you waited this long. I'm glad she liked your sweet potatoes too!

  3. I think you'll find she'll take to solids pretty easy...Marianne was never a picky eater, I started her on rice cereal then veggies.

    Just be prepared for those weird diapers! Haha.


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