Wednesday, June 9, 2010

May I Cry On Your Shoulder??

This week, and actually month if you want to be technical, has been hard so far. I normally look forward to June, since I get a week of free vacation while the D's head to Florida, but so far June isn't living up to the hype.

Ava is still sick. Yesterday we took her back in to Dr. H, after watching her fever climb back up past 100 and her rash worsen. The exam showed that her throat is still raw, and her rash has progressed significantly from Saturday (or even from Monday evening), so Dr. H sent us to the lab for a CBC (Complete Blood Count) to rule out any serious bacterial or other illnesses.

Hands down, the lab was the absolute worst experience I've had as a mother thus far. Far worse than any sleep deprivation, any immunizations, anything we've gone through. While immunizations are a quick prick and it's over, lab work is anything but quick. I had to sit in the chair with her on my lap as they tied a tourniquet around her little left arm to get the vein ready. She was hysterical from the second we sat down, almost as if she instinctively knew what was coming, and I was growing increasingly upset as I held my babies flailing body as her face reddened and she wailed. I just kept whispering, "Mommy loves you. I'm so sorry, baby bear." I felt HORRIBLE.

Then, the nurse couldn't get blood out of her arm, thanks to her inherited crappy veins from David. UGH. She then proceeded to stick her heel (SERIOUSLY?? You couldn't have done that to begin with?????), which incited another round of sad, sad baby (and mommy) sobs. It was the worst experience ever. I would gladly go through my failed labor, c-section, you name it every day for the rest of my life to avoid EVER having to do that again. I actually had David drive home with her so that I could use those 20 minutes to cry in my car without upsetting my little girl.

Fast forward to an hour later, post-round two of her antibiotics of the day, and A is throwing up and having diarrhea. Damn you, amoxicillin, for upsetting my baby's tummy. Has she not had a bad enough day? We've been going through about four diapers per dose, and she has to take it three times a day.

Fast forward two hours later, and I'm cleaning up cat vomit off the carpet. Apparently one of our cats is sick also, since that's the second time this week.

Fast forward another hour, and I'm running a fever of 101 and almost incapable of opening up my eyes my head hurts so bad.

The CBC came back and ruled out bacterial illness but pointed at an acute viral infection, so basically, after all that, we just wait for it to clear.

Oh yeah, and as my baby screamed out during the blood draw, I got a glimpse of two very distinct bottom teeth. They've yet to break through, but I wouldn't be surprised if they do by this time next week, since you can see their allotted spots.

Perhaps the combination of teething and being sick is the reason she's up almost hourly throughout the night?? I'm sure it is, but I'm EXHAUSTED. I finally caved at 5AM and put her in bed with me, and she slept an hour and a half then. It might not sound like much, but I'll take it.

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