Saturday, June 5, 2010

June Is REALLY Not Going My Way.

Dear June,

Seriously, can you cut me a friggin' break?!?


As you all know, I had a crappy start to my week. While it got better from there - mainly - I still felt overwhelmed the ENTIRE week, and was really, extremely, SUPER exhausted. Three kids all day long, one who won't nap, the other two who don't nap, and all three who need something from me constantly, constantly, constantly, just kicks. my. butt.

Anywho, thanks to my long, long week, I've been so looking forward to this weekend arriving. D's parents were coming into town today to see Ava, but other than that, our weekend was free, and I couldn't wait to just lay around the house!

Fate, however, had other plans. I noticed last night that Ava had what looked like a couple spider bites on her face. I kept an eye on them, having been bit by a brown recluse two summers back, but they didn't seem to be anything worth writing home about. This morning, it seemed as though they had gotten smaller, so I figured all was well. That is, until I went to get her undressed and into her clothes for the day, and noticed that she had them ALL OVER HER BODY.

Naturally my first thought was chicken pox, so I called her doctor, who, being the world's greatest pediatrician, routinely provides his patients with his home number. Have I mentioned how much I love him??? Anyhow, after taking her temp (which was 101 - ahhh!), I called Dr. H and he agreed to meet us at the office ASAP, so off we went. I've never had chicken pox and had been kissing all over her, so that was yet another big worry on my mind, seeing as how I have a lot to do at work this week to help get the D's ready for their vacation at the end of the week! Luckily Dr. H said he didn't think it was the pox (YAY!), but that between her fever and her inflamed throat, that the rash was likely just a fever rash. Works for me. I'm actually pretty thankful for the rash, seeing as how I would never have known she was sick if it hadn't manifested itself in time to tell me. It doesn't seem to burn or itch or cause her pain, either, so hopefully after 24 hours on the Amoxicillin she'll be her old self again :) She's been a trooper for being a sick little baby, smiling and cooing and playing with her grandparents today, so hopefully she's on the up and up, though her fever has yet to go down, despite numerous doses of Tylenol. I've been told to alternate Motrin and Tylenol now in order to a.)increase effectiveness, and b.)keep either from building up in her teeny tiny system, so we'll be heading out to buy some Motrin first thing in the morning.

Poor little A :( I'm sorry you're sick!

Hmm...this post seems to be incoherent and one giant run-on sentence. Perhaps I should head to bed.

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