Monday, June 7, 2010

Motherhood = Putting Your Foot in Your Mouth.

Hello, friends!

First things first, Ava is not better :( She's not significantly worse, considering her fever has broken at least slightly (though it's climbing again as of a couple hours ago - not even at 100 though thankfully), but her rash is getting worse. We've gone through lots of speculation in the past 24 hours, from Scarlet Fever (since she has strep symptoms and a rash, which are the two hallmarks of Scarlet Fever) to Measles/Roseola (still not sure on that one) to throwing our hands up and saying "AHHHHH!", though quietly as to not upset our sick and sensitive baby, who cries at the drop of a hat.

It's seeming less like Scarlet Fever, since the rash is more pinpoint than merging together and blotchy, but I'm posting a picture (sorry about your behind on the internet, baby girl, but at least the blog is private???) just in case anyone has any ideas. Please feel free to give any input you have - we're at a loss now and the doc wants to wait until Weds to see us again unless things get worse fever-wise or new symptoms appear.

Here's the pic:

On a side note, baby girl isn't sleeping so well. Actually, let me take that back. She's sleeping just fine IN OUR ARMS. The thing about that, though, is that mama needs to sleep, too, and I can't with her in my arms. Last night she did a lot better, but seeing as how we've put her down twice already tonight and both times ended up holding her afterwards to soothe her back to sleep, it looks like another long night is in the works.

Saturday night, in an act of desperation, I took up reading this article. I have been vehemently opposed to co-sleeping for...ever, but I'm starting to be a bit tempted, both by my lack of sleep, and just the text of the article itself (plus, motherhood is always about personal growth, and isn't it time I became a little less blindly judgmental?? I think so too). I'm just very, very concerned about safety. Won't she overheat? Will we squish her? Will she succumb to SIDS? I'm just SO nervous. I'm less nervous about "spoiling" her, since I don't feel like letting her sleep in our bed is setting a precedent that will last a lifetime, though the thought has crossed my mind. Earlier, though, exhausted and desperate for her to get some decent rest to try to help her get well, I nursed her lying down on the couch after she woke up from a 45-minute nap. The next thing I knew, I woke up an hour and a half later, with baby girl sound asleep!

Anyone with co-sleeping experience, good or bad? Concerns? Benefits? Am I entering dangerous territory with regards to ever re-claiming my bed? I've yet to allow it, but I'm oh so tempted, especially with a sick baby. Surprisingly enough, D is totally, 100% for it. What the what?!? That totally caught me off guard, but I'm glad to know he's fine with whatever I choose.

Alright, off to try to rest. Hope everyone is having a lovely week so far!


  1. Our little girl slept with us within the first few weeks after she was born. Then we started putting her in the bassinet beside the bed for part of the night and brought her into our bed if she woke during the night. It was the only way we could get a decent night's sleep and it has worked out great. Now, she stays in her crib in her own room all thru the night and only occasionally comes to our bed if she's overly fussy. I was like you in that I never in a million years thought I'd be comfortable co-sleeping, but once I made the decision to try it, I never regretted it. After the first couple of nights, I stopped worrying that I'd smother her. I never seemed to move when she was next to me. She would kick off any covers we put on her so she never overheated. She always slept deeper when she was with us too. I kind of miss the closeness now that she's sleeping in her own bed in another room. In fact, sometimes I wish she'd wake up fussy just so I can snuggle with her now that my husband will be in New York until October. Whatever you decide, good luck and god bless all of you! I hope little Ava gets better soon!

  2. That picture makes me so sad!! I'm not sure if you're still looking for co-sleeping advice tonight or not, but I'm going to give it anyway!

    I was really nervous about the idea of co-sleeping, but knew I wanted Jack close to me for breast feeding in the middle of the night. I bought a little bed thing (not very helpful, I know) that goes in the adult bed between the 2 parents. Well I'm by myself, but thought this would be safer than co-sleeping. It was horrible! I ended up just having Jack next to me in bed and used that for throwing the tv remote, burp cloths, etc. in. We co-slept for the first 2 months and it was the only way I was able to really get any decent sleep since I just had to lift up my shirt and scoot closer to Jack when he got hungry. Awesome! Now he sleeps in his crib, but sometimes he wakes up at 4 to eat. At that time, I bring him to bed with me and nurse him laying down and most the time we both fall asleep. I now have a bed rail up on that side just in case he rolls over, but I have never even come close to smothering him. It was harder in the winter with trying to cover myself so I wouldn't freeze without getting the covers near him. If you're worried about overheating I would just put her in a short-sleeved onesie and nothing else. When he's in bed with me, I only have a very small amount of room even though it's just us (I don't want him on the edge of the bed so he's in the middle and I'm on the edge) and I somehow make it work. I stay on my side and don't move. I'm aware that he's there even though I'm sound asleep. Give it a try! The only problem I see is that you may find you love it! Jack and I sleep better in our separate beds, but I do love waking up with him next to me and getting that snuggle time in the morning. Even if he's in his crib all night, I try to take a few minutes to snuggle with him once we've woken up.

    I also wouldn't worry too much about her getting too attached. She's sick and it's probably good for both of you and I'm sure she feels safer with you. If you only do it once in awhile, she should be fine. Give it a try!

    Once again I've given a long response, but I hope I'm able to help some! I also hope you guys get back to normal soon. Good luck!

  3. I think I'm just going to be repeating what the other ladies have said, but we did some co-sleeping in the beginning and now do it every so often if the baby wakes up early to nurse.
    She's been in her bassinet and then crib since about 2 months of age and I really only bring her into our bed (king-size!) when she is fussy or hungry and I'm feeling too lazy to sit up in a chair and nurse her.
    You'll find that your mind and body adapt to having that little person in bed with you - totally subconsciously. If you are as in-tune to Ava's needs during her waking hours as you seem to be, you will be just as conscientious while you are both sleeping. It's just what moms do!
    Good luck on this endeavor and bless that little one for making it through this hard time for her little body!


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