Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Attack of the Sickies!

Ava is sick. And not like, "Eh, she doesn't feel that great," sick. Like, super miserable sick.

It started Saturday night, when we got back from the zoo, which prompted D to ask the oh-so-hilarious, "Maybe she caught the bird flu." Oh, men.

We were going to skip the festivities for Halloween, but after a couple of great naps she seemed much, much better, so out we went, into the 85-degree night. Ha! She had a great time, we had a great time, all was well. Or so I thought.

Monday morning, we woke up to a sick little one, far worse than she was Saturday night or Sunday morning. Her nose was running non-stop, she was coughing, and she had a fever, so I called up her doc, and he was able to get her in. Unfortunately his only appointment was during my work hours, and I've only called in sick twice in two years and don't make a habit of it, so D took off work to take her.

You know what's worse than holding your baby down for a shot/lab work/breathing treatments? Not being there to do it, and hearing that she cried out "mamamama" the entire time. I'll never complain about taking her for vaccines again :(

Diagnosis? Bronchial infection (bronchitis). Treatment? She had to have a breathing treatment in the office - poor, poor baby! - and now a 7-day course of antibiotics. She's barely eating, waking up all night crying due to her inability to breathe and the coughing, and is just generally miserable. Thankfully, she's in happy spirits, and wants to sit in my lap and read all day, which is absolutely fine by me. Unfortunately, mama still has to work, and D has a test tomorrow for the class he's taking, so she'll have to come with me today :(

Here's hoping the antibiotics kick in soon!!! I HATE seeing my little baby girl suffering :(


  1. Poor poor Ava! It's awful knowing that we can't fix it right away. Presley has had a runny nose and cough that keeps getting worse. No fever yet, but I think I'm going to go ahead and call the doc. I, of course, am getting sick...yay!!! Well, I hope those antibiotics kick in soon.

  2. Aw. Poor baby! There is nothing worse than seeing your baby feel so miserable! I hope those antibiotics knock it out and she is back to normal soon.

  3. Oh no! Being sick is the worst - especially when it's your baby. Asher is just getting over a bad cold (2 weeks!). I'm SO glad he is finally feeling better.

    Feel better Ava!

    {I love her big girl car seat, by the way! Lookin' good girlie!}

  4. Oh poor Ava! And poor mommy! I hope the meds start working soon and she feels better. Jack has a cold right now and I hate that he's having trouble breathing. Sick babies are the worst!

    Yay for her big girl car seat though. How exciting! Can you believe they'll be one next month?!

  5. oh sweetie. It is awful. I really hope she feels better soon

  6. Poor little baby :o( Carly is sick too. If Ava has a stuffy nose or a lot of mucous you need to get a Nosefrida! OMG...I just bought this yesterday and it is amazing! www.nosefrida.com It's completely disgusting, but awesome. I hope little A feels better soon!

  7. Poor Ava!!!! I am so sorry to hear that she was so sick. I hope she's better now???? Still nice you could make it out quick for Halloween. She was the cutest little bee. :)


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