Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy 11 Months, Baby Bear!

Well, friends, the time is near! This is the last of the monthly posts for Ava's first year! This time next month, she'll be turning 1!!! AHHHHHH! Cliche aside, these past 11 months have flown!

At 11 months, Ava is:
-Walking is an understatement. Try, slowly jogging her way around my house, leaving a path of destruction in her wake! She's so insanely busy and never stops moving. Mommy has started napping on the weekends with Ava when she can because my activity level is skyrocketing!
-Eating any and everything you'll give her, aside from anything with dairy or eggs. Some favorites include: pulled pork, mandarin oranges, broccoli, black beans and oatmeal. Yum! She has also decided she likes onion (weird, I know!) and likes to eat my sandwich with me when I leave the mayo off. Last night, she had chicken enchiladas with red sauce in corn tortillas (no cheese, obvs!). I'm so lucky to have such a good eater!
-Remains exclusively breastfed (obvs she has solids also, but no formula still). This is something I'm really proud of, and can't believe how close we are to meeting my goal of one year! I am like 120891023812038% sure I'll continue past a year, as long as she wants to!
-Taking two distinct naps a day, at least when we're home and she's able. Her afternoon nap is hard with my work schedule, so sometimes it's abbreviated as she only will sleep en route to pick up S from preschool. These days, I'll take what I can get!
-Says "mama", "dada", "baba", "hi", "oof" when you ask what sound a dog makes, "ooh ooh ah ah" when you ask what a monkey says, and has said "byebye" once.
-Waves hi, goodbye, claps her hand, rolls her hands for patticake, and tries to snap her fingers whenever she wants you - or anything - to come to her, after seeing us do it for the cat.
-We see the allergist on Tuesday afternoon (dreading it!) so hopefully we'll have some more insight into her food allergies then!!
-Weighs 21lbs, and is 30" long!

Happy 11 months, baby bear! There are no words for how much I love you and how greatly you've enriched our lives. These last 11 months have been the most amazing months of my entire life, and I cannot imagine what my world would be without you! I can't wait to celebrate your first year of life!


  1. Happy 11 months to Ava! I'm so glad she's such a good eater!

  2. Happy 11 months Ava! Can't wait for the one year post. I think I'm going to get teary eyed reading everyone's birthday posts about their babies!

  3. Oh my gosh, she is so cute! I LOVE her little outfit!!

    It's great that Ava will eat so many different foods. Asher is slooowly expanding his palette.

    I can't believe our babies are 11 months old. I'm excited and a little sad for their first birthdays! :o)

  4. Dear Ava,
    Please forgive my tardiness on your 11 month post. I have been crazy busy!!!! I can not believe that the 11 month post is here. You get more and more adorable and your doing sooo much. Happy 11 months sweet girl.

  5. Happy 11 months!!!! She is so cute and getting so big! I can't believe in a couple of weeks the one year posts will start. Ahhh!!!

  6. Happy 11 Months, little sweet Ava!!! That 2nd outfit is soooooo cute. Hehe.... man, you guys make me wanna have a now. Seriously, where did the time go??


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