Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday = Hell on Earth.

Actually, to clarify, the Black Friday shopping experience itself wasn't so bad, until you factor in my in-laws. JAY-SUS, they're impatient. I'm talking, five minutes into our trip to Walmart, they're like, "We'll be waiting for you guys in front." Now believe me when I say I step foot into Walmart as little as humanly possible, but when you're spending the holidays in a teeny tiny town and this is all they've got, you've still got a first birthday/Christmas shopping mission to complete, ya hear? And no, it wasn't due to the crowds or anything like that. That's just HOW THEY ARE. Seriously. Everyday. I HATE going anywhere with them looking for something, because I inevitably get rushed out the door and end up forgetting at least half of what I'm there for, and browsing? Looking for ideas? These are concepts completely unbeknownst to them. HELL.

Anyhow, aside from that little gem of crappiness, we actually had a very successful shopping experience. Most of Ava's Christmas shopping is done, and since we're all grasping at straws for ideas, I thought I'd share what we've gotten for her so far.

First off, this is her mega birthday present for this year, which she'll open on her birthday despite her party not being until January 8th:

That should help some of these gifts to make a bit more sense :)

Here's the Christmas loot thus far:

I'd still like to pick up a few things, but then again, I suppose we could leave some things for the relatives to get her? :)

Happy Black Friday, y'all!


  1. That's a lot of stuff! I would definitely leave some things for the relatives! I got Jack started on a Mega Blocks collection (love them) and my mom got him a few things to go with it. She also got him his toy box for his birthday!! That's what grandparents are for! :) And I can only imagine how much these kids are going to get at their parties! They'll be set for sure!

    I love that band in a box! And the remote. I got Jack a sesame Street cell phone for his stocking. Is there a kid alive who doesn't love Elmo?

  2. Holy cats that is a lot of stuff!! We've already begun getting Adelle presents but there are lots of people getting presents for her and we don't have a lot of space. One present we're getting is a membership to the zoo. If we go there twice (which we did this year) it would pay for the membership and I am assuming now that she will be able to look at the animals more/enjoy it more, it will be wort it.

    You got all of that stuff at WalMart?

  3. Aw! She's going to be excited to get all of that! (:


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