Wednesday, November 24, 2010


The holidays are frying my brain. Seriously. Listen to this.

So today's been one of those days. Whatevs, no worries. I'm used to it. It's allllll good.

So I make it through the morning at work, despite tantrums and overtired babies and only being able to find one of every shoe in the house when I'm trying to get the girls ready to drop them off at their mom's office. Deeeeeeeep breath. Manageable. (Side note: I'm now on vacation until Monday at 2:30. WORD.)

Drop the girls off. Breathe a sigh of relief. Head to drop off the library materials (books and a Rockabye baby CD - too cute, btw) and run pre-heading-out-of-town errands so I can head home, finish laundry and pack. Successfully drop items, then hit the road towards the T-Mobile store (Oh yeah, forgot to mention that P stepped on my screen and cracked it this morning. Still usable, but bleh. Was looking at new phones last night anyways, so that seals the deal...).

Driving, driving, driving...wait, huh? Imagine my surprise when the opening chords of "Today" by The Smashing Pumpkins begin, all lullaby-style. ASLDKFJASLDFKJADFLJ. I returned the WRONG CD. (Some unsuspecting bebe is going to be rocking Taylor Swift and wondering why she's so angry with all the boys who leave her when she appears to be the problem, not the victim. I mean, Taylor, love you girl, but when ya gonna learn that being all needy and saying the L word three days into every relationship isn't the way to keep a man?!?!?)

Call the library. Endure humiliating conversation that ends in the help desk's hysterical laughter. Luckily, I'm not devoid of a sense of humor and am able to laugh along with her. In fact, by the time I settle the situation - we'll be returning the right CD post-vacation because customer service lady is a BADASS who understands just how inconvenient it would be to drive the 20 minutes back downtown with a napping infant who would no longer be napping and instead screaming (thankyouthankyouthankyou) - I'm giggling also :)


*If vacation now is an acronym for laundry, packing, baking and general stressing out, all while amongst the in-laws, who may or may not babysit so we can have our first date night post-baby.

**She's almost 11 months old. FIRST. DATE. NIGHT.

Happy Turkey Day friends!!!!

PS - wouldn't ANYONE out there like to buy our 2 Texas vs. A&M Thanksgiving Day tickets please GOD ASLDKJFASLDKJASLDKJF?!?!?!


  1. I sent you a message on facebook to introduce you to my friend Courtney who's looking for some tickets... hopefully you two can settle that! :) Have a Happy Thanksgiving and try to relax a little!

  2. Yes lady you need a breather. Enjoy the holiday and rest!

  3. You know what's dumb? Girls who let babies sit on their laps while they type. The Cute deleted my whole rambly comment. OMG.

    Take 2:

    Taylor Swift is touched by the cray-cray. Stage 5 clinger alert. She needs to calm the hell down.

    Libraries have cd's? You can borrow them? What? I'm confused. Explain please, but go slow for I am a wee toopid.

    The no-marriage thing? Oh boy. In list form...
    *I have commitment issues. If forever happens one day at a time I am fine. If it's brought up as a goal I freak. I'm Along Came Polly only less cliche and I don't have a ferret because they stink.
    *I don't want the paperwork attached to my name and my relationship. A mortgage is fine but not a contract stating that we're together. No explanation on that one. It just doesn't feel right.
    *The divorce rate and the archaic 'obey' are not things that I want from my relationship. Marriage isn't what it used to be. I don't want to be a part of it. Not saying everyone gets divorced or has 'obey' in their vows. I just don't even want to go there at all.
    *I'd rather just have a new car than a wedding. I don't want a wedding. I just...myeh.
    *I've been lukewarm about marriage since long before I hated Eddie's family and them being so disturbed by our living in sin is just icing on the cake. They have divorced family members (as do everyone, pretty much) and don't consider that (divorce) to be a sin, while they look down on two people who choose to be with eachother day after day. I have trouble seeing the logic there and don't agree that God shares their point of view.
    *I am greedy and there are things that I want more than engagement rings.
    *The Bottomless Pit is no longer bothered by my views. He realizes that we're both young and opinions can always change and he understands that it's not HIM so it's no longer an insult. He's also realized that his uber-traditional views don't always match up to what happens in real life, and that's ok. Like, girls don't pay for stuff. He would've starved to death years ago if that rule stuck. ;D

    Ramble ramble ramble. Sorry. But there you have it.

    I don't want a ring but I want you to get one. FYI. Happiness all around. I'm such a hippie.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. The situation isn't funny but your post made me laugh! I hope you can enjoy your vacation and get that date night!! I have no desire to have a date night, but I'm with you- I've gone 11 months of not staying out later than 6. I look forward to the day when I can leave him at night. Then I won't have to take off work to go see a movie. :)

    Have a good vacation and a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!


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