Monday, December 10, 2012

Ava Meets Santa: Volume (Year) Three.

Before this year, our Santa encounters have included quick trips to The Domain to wait in line, sit on his lap for five seconds for an overpriced and crappy picture, and a nice memory. This year, though, with Ava shooting through toddlerhood and practically towards her teenage years at the speed of light, we figured she was old enough for a full-fledged Santa encounter. Enter the Theta house alumni cookie swap!

I had the good fortune of being able to watch the two girls I've watched for the past four years over the course of a weekend, and that is how I found myself trekking three girls around West Campus in a parallel parking-unfriendly SUV one sunny Sunday afternoon.

I'll admit, I was dreading it a little bit. Sure, I was excited about the idea of Ava hanging out with Santa in a more intimate setting, and who doesn't love cookies?! But spending the afternoon with former sorority girls and their children and trying to keep three kiddos from overdosing on sugar wasn't high on my to-do list after four straight days of winging it with all three, so there was that aspect. Anyhow, despite my reservations, we had a blast!

Our afternoon started out decorating sugar cookies, since we were the first ones there (awkward....). It was great because the girls had their first choice of cookies and decorations, so they loved that!

Afterwards, once more people had arrived, we were able to load up a bag of cookies from each type that had been brought (awesome for a low-carb dieter, right?) to take home! Nothing to dread there, except maybe stepping on the scale...

And last, but certainly not least, Santa arrived for the big finale! Each child got a turn to sit with him and talk in detail about what he/she wanted for Christmas - none of the quick turnaround typical of mall Santas - and the chance for photo opps to our hearts content, meaning I finally got one that was satisfying!

And of all of them:

Not one to be left out of the spotlight, I was able to sneak into a few myself :)

Have you been to see Santa yet? If so, where did you find him, and where is the best one? Are your kids warming up to Santa, or are tearful pictures still the norm at your household?


  1. Aww, love the "stair step" photo at the end!

  2. Darn Drew being signed in That last comment was me. :-)

  3. That's so much more fun than just plopping down in santa's lap at the mall!
    I love that Ava wasn't scared of Santa. We're going on Saturday and I'm hoping Bryson won't scream bloody murder like in the years past :)
    And you look beautiful by the way! :)

  4. You look gorgeous in these photos, and I love that Ava is growing up with these girls as if they are her sisters. So sweet.

    1. Aww, thank you! And I love it - it's like having siblings, but without any effort on my part ;)

  5. So fun and cute pictures! We did Santa at the Domain last year and are doing the Christmas train this year. I am hoping we get some good shots like these!


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