Monday, December 3, 2012

The 360 Bridge Overlook: Revisited.

The first time that Ava and I took a spontaneous detour to the top of the 360 Bridge overlook, I had little more than my phone camera in my pocket. Vowing to get some decent shots from the top - which affords one of the best views of West Austin you can find - we took a planned trip back to the overlook, complete with daddy in tow!

No words can do justice to the view the way these pictures can, so I'll let the images take it from here!

The ascent to the top:

Well worth the hike...

And my two favorites:

Then we had to make the descent. Thankfully, Ava handled it like a champ!

We'll definitely be heading back here for a family photo shoot next year!


  1. where do you access the top? I hear it is pretty dangerous, but I would like to make it up there. It doesn't look like my wife (whose handicapped could go up at all). But if you took your daughter it is no the rock climb I imagined there along 360 where signs say no parking, but people do all the time anyway.

    1. Yep - that place where people are parked at all hours despite the signs saying no parking, that's where you park to climb to the top. THere's a pathway up. I've made it up alone with Ava and then on this trip also, so definitely kids can do it with a bit of help and some natural athleticism. Well worth the experience!


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